ROAR, "Photograph of the Cusp," 3/17

​​Hospital Drive, the literature and humanities journal of the UVa School of Medicine, "#3 In Line," TBA

Slippery Elm, "Conversion" and "Dudley Dursley," 1/17 (available only by purchase)

The Skinny Poetry Journal, "Gift of the Birddog," 9/16

Ishka Bibble, "Rendezvous," TBA, for their "Desire" supplement

The Sacred Cow, "British Beach," (page 20), 9/16

HOOT, "Translation," TBA

CHEST Journal, "Orkambi," 6/16 (available only by purchase)

Thirteen Ways, "Grandmother," 6/16

The Sacred Cow, "Death of Their Child: August 7, 1958," 5/16

E-Verse, "Pills," 4/16  

The Quotable, "Albino," 4/16

The Sacred Cow, "Train, 1992," 3/16, as their "Poetry Spotlight"

Complete publication list available upon request

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Thanks to These Fragile LilacsPoetry Prize for giving my poem, "Parlez-Vous," an Honorable Mention!  It will be published in their Women's Voices Anthology TBA.  

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And thank you to theSyracuse Cultural Workers, who picked "Harriet Tubman's Lament" for their 2018 datebook!